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The International Elevator and Escalator Symposium (IEES) offers a new spirit and a breath of fresh air for the vertical-transportation (VT) industry, as well as for developers, architects and facility management professionals. This world-class, annual event brings together a global roster of top experts who present scholarly papers on the most important VT issues of the day. It allows exhibitors to showcase their latest innovations and attendees to enjoy a premier networking experience. IEES is jointly presented by two fully independent, well-known organizations, Liftinstituut, B.V., and Elevator World, Inc.

The inaugural IEES launched in 2018 in Istanbul, the history-rich yet modern economic and cultural center of Turkey and ancient heart of civilization where East meets West. Las Vegas, USA, was the destination for IEES 2019, during which guests were treated to 20 relevant and enlightening presentations from different parts of the world. A concluding panel discussion allowed participants to brainstorm on lift and escalator safety and how it is affected by maintenance and inspections.

IEES 2022, held at the W Barcelona Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, welcomed VT professionals, architects, developers and owners for an excellent program covering “The Future of Elevators and Escalators in 2030.” Dynamic presentations by international experts ensured an exciting and elevated professional atmosphere. IEES 2022 also provided a stimulating opportunity for industry exhibitors to show their latest and most-advanced equipment, technologies and innovations.

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